Raymond Lam spotted rubbing Karena Ng's belly: Is she pregnant?

28 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago
Raymond Lam and Karena Ng have been dating for nearly a year now.
Many fans were skeptical on how long the relationship would last when the pair publicly announced their status.

In the past year, Raymond has already declared his love for Karena numerous times and even brought her to his brother’s graduation in the United States.

Raymond was reported to have spent over $10 million HKD on the relationship.

It was rumored that Karena was pregnant and Raymond was getting ready to propose, reported East Week #513 via ihktv.com.

Last week, pregnancy rumors surfaced after Raymond was photographed rubbing Karena’s belly at a dinner gathering with friends.
When asked about the allegations, Karena immediately denied that she was pregnant; she said Raymond was only touching her tighter abs after her new gym routine.

Raymond comes from a wealthy family, where his father Lam Kwok Wah is a real estate developer in mainland China.

With such an impressive family background, the Lams’ standards for their daughter in-law would be set higher than average.

It was said that Karena met Raymond’s parents when they were both in the United States for Raymond’s brother’s graduation ceremony.

According to the press, Raymond’s father did not particularly like Karena due to the large amount of, negative publicity.

Although Mr. Lam was not pleased that Raymond has been spending a large amount of money on Karena, he refrained from voicing his comments when he saw how happy Raymond was when he was with her.

Raymond’s father and sister were spotted in Hong Kong recently, firing up the marriage rumors.

Lam Kwok Wah is a Buddhist and was said to be visiting a monk in preparation for the wedding.

No doubt, with Raymond’s wealth, the Lams would be capable of throwing one of the most majestic weddings of the century.
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