Raymond Lam spends $240k on branded goods for GF

7 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago
TVB actor Raymond Lam was recently spotted coming back from his third holiday with new squeeze Karena Ng after a six-day trip to Milan.
According to report in Groove Asia, the two sat next to each other on their business class flight, with Karena resting immediately after boarding.

Raymond spent his journey watching movies, constantly checking on his girlfriend and adjusting her blanket for her.

Raymond reportedly spent a small fortune on his girlfriend in Milan and picked up the tab for all of Karena's shopping.

She bought five Hermes Birkins, worth an estimated HKD1,500,000 (S$241,123).

Additionally, she allegedly purchased multiple items from Louis Vuitton and Prada, and continued her shopping spree until she boarded the planeA source close to the young star revealed that apart from getting a supplementary card from her actor-boyfriend, Karena has recently acquired a limitless American Express Black
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