Raymond Lam not afraid of losing fans for Karena Ng

12 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago
Ever since Raymond Lam’s relationship with Karena Ng was publicly revealed, he has been targeted by the media.
In a recent interview, Raymond openly spoke about his romance with his girlfriend for the first time.

He emphasized that he wishes for a stable lifestyle, warning the media not to hurt his loved ones, reports Jayne Stars.

Since the majority of Raymond’s hardcore fans are girls, was he worried about losing fans after the exposed relationship with Karena? “No.

At a concert the day before yesterday, I was really happy to receive blessings from numerous fans.

I’m truly touched by their many years of support and love for me.

‘Raymond admitted that he makes romantic plans for his girlfriend.

“I think it’s normal in a relationship.

We are normal people.

There’s no point in making a big deal when people see us going out for a meal.

I hope everyone shares mutual respect, and give us a little free space.‘

Earlier, reporters took photos of Raymond and Karena kissing aboard an airplane.

Did he feel that the media was being too pushy? “Not really.

I understand that it’s their job.

But everyone should remember to respect each other.

I think it’s sad when reporters distort the truth.

‘Taking his loved ones very seriously, Raymond expressed that it hits his bottom line when media tabloids intrude upon his girlfriend or family.

“I believe this is the bottom line for everyone.

‘ When Raymond was asked about what made Karena so attractive, he said he did not wish to share such personal things.
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