Raymond Lam and Karena slept in separate rooms during Japan trip

22 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago
Karena was spotted while on a vacation with Raymond Lam to Tokyo.

Glowing with joy, the blissful Karena certainly looked like a woman in love.

Prior to her trip to Tokyo, Karena had informed her mother in advance.

Besides holidaying with Raymond, Karena said that they went with a group of friends too, reports Asian Pop News.

As Karena was only 19, the awkward question came when she was asked who she shared a room with.

Shocked with an unexpected question, Karena replied, “We have a group of female and male friends tagging along.

I do not wish to discuss about such private matters, but we slept in separate rooms‘.

In a recent interview, Raymond said that he would not mind holding hands with Karena in public.

So, did Raymond hold your hands on the street?Karena replied, “Yesterday, he did not hold my hands.

We just wish to keep our romance as low-profile as possible and lead a life like a normal person‘.

Karena shared that the couple spent their first Valentine’s Day with friends at the Causeway Bay restaurant.

She also said that she had not received any Valentine’s Day gift from Raymond.
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