Raymond Lam and Karena Ng reportedly spent 18 hours in hotel during Japan trip

12 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Raymond Lam has spared no efforts to lavish his girlfriend. He reportedly splurged big bucks on his recent Japan trip and took Karena Ng along to celebrate his 34th birthday.

It is estimated that his business class flights, luxurious hotels, bullet train transport, meals and shopping costs millions of dollars, reports an Asian Pop News article.

Yesterday, the love birds returned to Hong Kong in good mood. Upon hearing the reporter mentioned about Karena, Raymond perked up and smiled brightly.

At 1.45 pm, Karena first walked out from the arrival hall without any luggage. When asked to comment on her trip, she smiled, “We will talk about it at the event later.”

After ten minutes, Raymond walked out and pushed a trolley with 3 big luggage and shopping bags. When asked if he was tired after his trip, he replied coldly, “It’s normal.”

When asked about how he spent his birthday with Karena, Raymond immediately lit up and beamed, “A birthday will of course enjoy a good meal.”

Raymond did not want to respond on his expenses, but said, “It does not necessary have to be expensive to be happy. How you guys spend your holiday, we do the same too.”

At an afternoon event, Karena said that she celebrated Raymond’s birthday over a Kaiseki dinner. “We went to a Japanese restaurant that served Kaiseki meal. I booked one month in advance and used a lot of effort to book it. (Did the meal cost five figure?) It’s not a matter of price, it is very good food.”

Earlier reports stated that Raymond and Karena had spent 18 hours in a hotel. Karena dismissed the report and said, “We managed to shake that reporter! We were walking nearby the hotel. The purpose of a holiday is to walk around. There is no reason to coop ourselves up in the hotel.”

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