Raymond Lam and Karena Ng deny rumours about 'forced marriage'

15 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
Since Raymond Lam and Karena Ng publicized their relationship, they have been known as a loving couple, reports Mingpao.
Although there were marriage rumors on several occasions, it is still the peak of Raymond's career and the rumors seem to be nothing more than entertainment news.
A magazine recently reported that Karena failed in trying to "force" Raymond into marriage and ultimately damaged her dignity, and that she then started taking revenge on her boyfriend.
The magazine reported that aside from "blackmailing" him to buy her a HKD 8 million home, she also used Pakho Chau to upset Raymond and deliberately insisted to have a male massage her. Apparently Raymond got so upset it left him in tears..
Yesterday Raymond and Karena denounced the magazine report in a joint statement. The magazine has severely damaged their reputation. They declared if there are any damages or losses on them, they reserved the right to take legal action against the magazine.
They stressed at this point in time, they each value their individual careers the most, it is their priority and there has not been any talks about marriage. All rumors relating to "forcing marriage" and "cheating marriage" are false, according to the stars.
Raymond stated that rumours of him "crying severely" and "complaining tearfully" due to Karena taking "revenge" on him were absolutely absurd and ridiculous.
It was said that Raymond has spent over ten million on Karena since they started dating. They also clarified that they are financially independent. The couple said that none of those reports of Raymond buying Karena homes, cars and giving her credit cards are true.
Raymond and Karena stressed in the statement that none of the false rumors and gossips have caused a negative impact on their relationship at all. They stated that actually the rumours provide encouragement mutually, and that they are learning and respecting one another.
The couple hopes the media will send them blessings and give them some space to develop.
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