Rain's transformation: From hot to hotter

10 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

There's no doubt that Rain worked hard to achieve his chiselled abs -- as illustrated in the photos that documents his transformation over the years.According to an article in Drama Fever, Rain's trainers have said that the star has to work hard to stay fit as he easily gains weight.Photos in the gallery: 2) Rain in 2004 when he filmed Full House. 3) During his 2005 Rainy Day Tour4) Rain in 2006 on the cover of his album, ‘˜Rain’s World.’ 6) In 2008, Rain released his album ‘˜Rainism.’ His lower tummy bulge from earlier years is non-existent, and it’s totally obvious his body fat has decreased tremendously.7) In 2009, Rain went on a crazy strict diet to achieve a lean, super fit body for his role in the movie ‘˜Ninja Assassin.’9) The present Rain, currently in military serviceSo what do you think of Rain’s body evolution? Which year was your favorite?Photos 1 to 10 of the gallery shows his transformation at various stages of his career, starting from year 2002, while the rest of the gallery shows stars who are said to have the hottest bodies.

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