Rainie Yang reportedly on verge of marrying wealthy businessman -- whom she's been dating secretly

19 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Rainie Yang is set to tie the knot in a shocking union with a wealthy businessman, and break the heart of her rumoured boyfriend, JPM member Prince, if Taiwanese media reports are true.

According to the reports, a source claimed Yang is about to take her secret relationship with the wealthy businessman, identified only as a Mr Lin, to the next level, and that her mother is very fond of him.

The source said: "(Mr Lin has been) wooing Rainie fervently. What's in his favour is that her mother, Mrs Yang, likes him a lot, and she has been telling friends and family about him."

The sudden emergence of Mr Lin has also been cited by the source as the reason why Yang's relationship with Prince will cool off.

However, Yang's manager has shot down those reports, sayingf she “does not know of any Mr. Lim” and that “Rainie’s mum likes everyone, be it male or female.”

Her claims were backed up by the recently sighting of Prince staying over at Yang's house.

Prince was also caught speeding when he drove Rainie to see a dentist, which led to his manager apologising on his behalf, before adding that the pair are just "very, very good friends".

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