Rainie Yang poses for CNY photo without make-up

3 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

In Lunar New Year Day 3 known as "Chì Kou", any gatherings is not allowed according to the traditional customs.

However, it is not a concern to Taiwanese Singer, Rainie Yang and she meets up with her sisters Taiwanese Singer, Claire Kuo, Taiwanese Music Producer, Tina Wang and 齊齊 for high tea together.

Rainie writes "We must arrange a sister date in Lunar New Year. It is Day 3! Everyone must cherish this holiday." We are always very busy working and it is rare that we have some free time for gathering in Lunar New Year.

"Most importantly, everyone must stay happy". ON.CC reported that Rainie posed for the photo without any make-up.

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