Rainie Yang may have admitted to relationship with Chinese singer

20 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Taiwanese singer and actress Rainie Yang is said to have implicitly admitted to being in a relationship with Mainland Chinese singer Li Ronghao during her performance at a corporate event.

Rumors that Yang and Li are in a relationship spread like wildfire after the latter 'accidentally' uploaded an intimate photo of himself with the 'Ai Mei' hit maker on one of his SNS accounts.

The photo shows Li with his arm wrapped around Yang, hugging her closely.

He quickly deleted the photo after posting it, but netizens were still able to reproduce copies which had been circulating the web.

The budding Chinese singer has already stepped forward to deny the claims while Yang did not make any comments when asked to react on the issue.

Still, the public's interest in their alleged relationship remains high, reports China Topix

However, on Valentines' Day, Yang is said to have expressed her feelings about being in a relationship with Li during her performance at a corporate celebratory event where she was invited.

According to media reports, the multi-hyphenate only chose to sing love songs during the event.

The 32-year old singer-actress has also been quite vague with her answer when asked about her relationship status.

When she was questioned by the media after her performance, Yang merely said, "I am very happy now," paving way for speculations that she might be currently dating.

Yang, who is known to dislike being in ambiguous relationships for long periods of time, was questioned about her current 'ambiguous status'.

The singer-actress just commented that the question was too direct and did not provide any answers.

On the other hand, the CEO of Li's music label is said to have implicitly admitted that their talent and Yang share a close relationship.

He said, "They get along well and their current relationship remains unclear," but refused to comment any further about the issue.

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