Rainbow member reveals group's secret on national TV

2 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Rainbow's Jaekyung raised eyebrows and sparked fanboys' imaginations by sharing that her members go about nude in their dorms.

On the February 28th broadcast of JTBC's 'Witch Hunt', Jaekyung shared, "Among us, we really live spotlessly without holding anything back. All of us really go completely [naked]... As if we live a primitive lifestyle in the Amazon."

Sung Si Kyung asked, "You're saying that you don't wear anything?" Jaekyung answered, "Yes." The MCs became more curious and asked, "Isn't that uncomfortable?... Shouldn't you at least wear panties?" She responded, "We do wear underwear as well [at times]."

Jaekyung shared, "The things we talk about with the members... We talk about things like this. The films you borrow and watch."

Sam Hammington said what was on everyone else's minds, "Porn?" Jaekyung continued, "We say things like, 'I think this actor is really the best.'"

When asked what country these films are from, Jaekyung answered, "Japan." Hong Suk Chun guessed, "Sora," to which she replied surprised, "Yes," disappointing the MCs who thought she was watching something more risque.

Shin Dong Yup held his breath and then commented with a big smile, "You shocked at me at first," bringing Jaekyung to laughter.

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