Rainbow’s Jae Kyung defends controversial Korean show

17 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Soompi reported that regarding the recent controversy involving SBS’s “Rules of the Jungle,‘ Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung made a statement on February 13 at Rainbow’s comeback showcase event. Jae Kyung has previously appeared on “Rules of the Jungle W‘ and visited Papua New Guinea.On this day, Jae Kyung stated, “I personally have changed a lot since my visit to the jungle on ‘˜Rules of the Jungle.’ This experience was a turning point in my life. I know there are many controversies involving this show, but it was real to us when we were there and I learned a lot.‘Jae Kyung continued, “When I was there, I learned to appreciate everything.. even a sip of water or a shade to rest under. Before this experience, I used to complain of boredom in between albums, but now I am thankful for everything.‘Netizens that heard Jae Kyung’s statement commented, “I guess Jae Kyung felt that all the negative reviews of this show were unfair,‘ “I wonder how long this controversy will last,‘ “I think Jae Kyung was honest here.‘

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