Rain starstruck by Bruce Willis

3 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

A new episode of Mnet's 'Rain Effect' aired on January 2, and showed pictures of Rain with his co-star Bruce Willis from the upcoming Hollywood film 'The Prince.'

Rain talked about his first meeting Bruce Willis: "Because he was a superstar from my younger days, I was nervous. Bruce Willis's aura was incredible," reports All Kpop.

After filming, Rain said: "While ad-libbing, I didn't know what words to say back. I thought he was going to be difficult, but he was good and gentle . . . We even took pictures together and they came out funny."

While Bruce Willis is smiling in a friendly and happy manner in the photos, Rain is smiling just as happily but also a little tensely probably due to nerves.

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