Rain looks for a date... and this is the crowd that turns up

23 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Myeongdong was pouring with fan girls during Rain's guerrilla date!

On the February 22 broadcast of KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay', Rain attracted a large crowd of fans even in the cold weather and gave hugs to lucky fan girls.

When asked about the project duo with Tae Jin Ah known as BiJinAh, Rain shared, "I thought that if we show it on stage, people will like it a lot. Mothers and fathers will like it. I wondered if a trot singer would match with a dance singer. But fortunately, it turned out well."

He also reflected on his filming for Hollywood film 'The Prince', sharing, "Whenever I filmed with Bruce Willis, I tried to be better than him somehow. But how can I? I can't. But now I realized that helping my co-star succeed is teamwork."

According to an allkpop article, Rain also shared, "I'm actively looking for a drama right now. I want to do a sweet, romantic comedy."

The reporter asked, "Like 'Full House'?", to which Rain answered, "Yes. Something like that. [A drama that takes place] on one set?... I'm sorry. I want to film it comfortably", making the reporter laugh with his honest wish to take a break from the action scenes in his films.

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