The Quiett slapped with 5-day penalty for breaking army rules

14 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Hip hop artist and producer The Quiett will serve five extra days in the military for performing after enlistment.According to a report from where he was serving as a public service worker, his enlistment has been extended because he violated rules by working as a singer even though he had enlisted as a public service worker last year. He had released an album earlier this month, performed at shows, and had charged services for his songs.An report states that enlistees in the South Korean military who pursue other occupations without the permission of the head of the office will receive a warning and serve five additional days of service.South Korea's Military Manpower Administration said, “We have requested that he stop all of his music activities such as charging for his music on the Internet and performing at shows.‘ The administration is currently investigating his supposed show back on May 5 as well as his performance at Jeonbuk University on May 8. If these performances turn out to be violations as well, then he’ll be serving a total of 15 extra days.

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