Quan Yifeng's daughter lands role in China-based film -- how much she is going to earn will stun you

4 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Source: AsiaOne

Local celebrity Quan Yifeng's daughter has emerged as the female lead in Apple China's latest ad.

Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao reported that 16-year-old Eleanor Yu was cast in the micro-film after a 6-month search.

Celebrity hairstylist Addy Lee, who is also her godfather, had been sharing the teenager's photos on his WeChat account. According to him, the photos of Eleanor garnered interest from figures in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Lee heard that Apple China was looking for a female lead to star in its Chinese New Year micro-film, and an agency expressed interest in getting her to audition for the role.

He convinced close friend Quan Yifeng to let her daughter seize the rare opportunity, after learning that the ad would be produced by acclaimed director Ann Hui and other Golden Horse Award winners.

After passing the audition, the good-looking lass took part in a highly-confidential shoot that spanned three days in Shanghai, China.

Zaobao also reported that the teenager's takings for the ad exceeded her mother's highest earnings in the past twenty years.

With her six-figure paycheck, the thoughtful girl bought her mother a branded bag which Quan says she will treasure.

Two years ago, Eleanor made a splash in the local entertainment scene after appearing in a series of promotional pictures and commercials for Addy Lee's new hair product, addyli.

However, The New Paper reported that Quan had been reluctant to expose her daughter to showbiz since she is underage and has turned down numerous offers for her to appear on TV.

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