Psy's Gentleman not a family-friendly hit

15 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Korean rapper Psy released his latest single Gentleman ‘“ his much-anticipated follow-up to Gangnam Style ‘“ on iTunes on Friday.But unlike Gangnam Style, which was a hit with children and adults alike, the new song is unlikely to be recommended by parents to their young ones.Delivered in Psy’s typical satirical style, Gentleman takes a dig at men who pretend to be decent. The lyrics, which are in Korean and English, touch on sex and partying.Concerned parent, housewife Tracy Chang, 36, is a Psy fan, but she said that she will make sure her four-year-old twin girls “stay far away from Gentleman‘.“I think Psy isn’t doing himself any favours with the lyrics for his new song because it’s really not suitable for kids. Why limit the audience for his new single?"

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