Psy, watch out for the Malaysian-style Halim Shake

28 February 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

PETALING JAYA - Move over, Gangnam Style. The latest craze has hit town and The Harlem Shake has everyone gyrating to its infectious groove.Suria FM disc jockey Halim Othman, who did his own sprightly version of the routine at Menara Star yesterday, has cheekily dubbed it Halim Shake, reported The Star.The crowd which gathered at Menara Star's foyer to witness the disc jockey strutting his stuff included The Star's executive deputy chairman Datuk Vincent Lee.Halim was coerced into the dance routine by Red FM disc jockeys Lil Kev and JJ, who both produced and uploaded the minute-long sketch on YouTube recently."One fine day, they put a camera in front of me and asked me to move along to Tan Sri S.M. Salim's Apa Dah Jadi. So, I just did my thing," said the DJ.Halim confessed that his routine was very simple and was only made more difficult because "he's no dancer"."I have two left feet. They just threw me in the deep end and I had to do something. All I can say is Watch out, Psy'," he said.Lil Kev revealed that his goddaughter was the one who provided the inspiration for the choreography of the Halim Shake video."She sent me a link of a similar video and we took it from there. You could say we gave birth to Halim Shake," he said.JJ feels that Halim Shake would be more acceptable for parents, given its content, which was more local in flavour."This is 100 per cent Malaysian. Halim is an icon and with him doing it, it will be readily received," he said.The dance troupe comprised staff of the The Star's radio group, including Suria FM, Red FM, 98.8 FM and Capital FM.Among the dancers were Azura and Terry from The Red Fix, and Adam Carruthers from The Red Rush, the drive-time radio show on Red FM.

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