Psy reveals the secrets of his success to Harvard students

11 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

A thousand students came out to hear Psy give his lecture at Harvard’s Memorial Church.According to an article in Allkpop, Psy recalled his four years at nearby Boston University where he studied management, and said, “Who could have known I’d come back to Boston after 14 years and lecture at Harvard? It’s weird. I think that’s why life is so beautiful. I gotta be humble. This doesn’t happen to everybody.‘ He confessed, “During college, my nickname was ‘˜WWF’. It’s not World Wrestling Federation but stood for Withdrawal, Withdrawal, and Fail.‘He also shared humorous stories of trying to obtain medicine for his stomach with his limited English and only knowing a few words such as ‘˜taxi’ and ‘˜bus’.On the success of “Gangnam Style“, he said, “It was like an accident, and it doesn’t happen often."The reason why people all over the world like me even though I’m not good looking nor fit is because I’m fun."I’m happy and surprised that even though people don’t know Korean, they enjoy my music and my performances. I can’t say I am the best, but I can say that I’ve tried my best for the last 13 years as an artist.‘View the gallery for screengrabs of his new 'Gentleman' music video.

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