Psy 'horse danced' away at the inauguration of Seoul's first female president

26 February 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Park Geun-hye was officially inaugurated yesterday, becoming Seoul’s first female president, elected on a platform of ‘˜economic democratisation’ and the promise to improve North-South relations -- and one highlight of the day was a performance by Psy. According to an article in Koreabang, Psy, whom some might now consider to be South Korea’s more prominent but bizarre cultural president, performed Gangnam Style at the inauguration ceremony.Park came under a lot of fire from netizens during her election campaign after unconfirmed rumours that she used an iPad during a televised debate and encouraged a South Korean spy agency to influence the presidential election.Nevertheless, Park won a tightly-contested election, and started her five-year term yesterday. In her inauguration speech, she called on North Korea to abandon its nuclear capabilities, and has already put the ROK military on high alert in one of her first moves as Commander-in-chief.

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