Prosecutor in Park Bom drug case charged for lewd act in public

26 August 2014 / 2 years 1 month ago

Last week, the prosecutor in Park Bom's legal case from four years ago found himself embroiled in his own personal legal battle.

Kim Soo Chang, the former chief prosecutor of Jeju Island, was charged with performing lewd acts in public. The police didn't reveal any details, but Korean media reported that he was allegedly masturbating when a female high school student spotted him in the street.

The student saw Kim Soo Chang in the streets on August 12, and had a relative report him; the prosecutor was brought in to the police station on August 13, reports Kpopstarz.

A few days later, Korean media reports confirmed that Kim Soo Chang had resigned as chief prosecutor on Jeju Island and admitted to the accusations. If charged, Kim Soo Chang will face a year in prison.

Kim Soo Chang's name made headlines earlier this year when a four-year-old alleged drug incident regarding 2NE1's Park Bom came to light. Although a package containing amphetamine was reportedly sent to South Korea, Park Bom wasn't charged by the prosecutor's office.

Kim Soo Chang was revealed to have been a prosecutor working on the case four years ago, when it was closed without making any charges. He was not, however, the chief prosecutor in the drug case.

Amphetamine is illegal in South Korea, and when the news made headlines there was a lot of backlash directed at both YG Entertainment for shielding Park Bom and the prosecutor's office for not pressing charges against the idol.

Even though this recent case surrounding Kim Soo Chang has nothing to do with Park Bom, Korean netizens are throwing her name around, saying that there should be an investigation into the moral standards of prosecutors.

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