Priscilla Wong says she was cheated on twice

7 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong and Tony Hung attended the blessing ceremony of TVB new series Love Me Please Leave A Message. Priscilla and Raymond are a pair in the series and she joked that she finally ditched Tony. Raymond said he hopes to make loads of extra income with Priscilla: "I want to clarify, Priscilla and I are the on-screen couple."

After Karma Rider, Priscilla collaborates with Raymond again, and she expressed he's like a teacher to her and she had learned a lot off of him. Asked who she wants to collaborate with the most? Priscilla said: "Power Chan, I've always liked watching his acting. Before for the Best Supporting Actor award, I voted for him."

Priscilla expressed this series is very close to real life, just like a woman suspecting her boyfriend is cheating, she would take a peep at his cell phone. She said: "When I was in college, I had this experience before. I checked on my boyfriend's cell phone and discovered he was cheating, then we broke up.

"Actually I've been in three relationships before, and two of them involved cheating. I don't understand either, perhaps I'm not attractive enough, not feminine enough. I need to reflect on that." Raymond joked Priscilla should ask Tony to see what the mentality of a cheating man is like. He also joked he and Priscilla are the real on-screen couple, Tony should just "back off".

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