Priscilla Wong compared to a 'transgender' by co-star Edwin Siu

21 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Hong Kong actor Edwin Siu has compared Priscilla Wong, his co-star in the new TVB drama Housewife Madam, to a 'transgender'.

Speaking at an promotional event for automobile makers Lexus alongside Sharon Chan, Edwin jokingly made the comment after being made aware of speculation that Priscilla was strongly pursuing him.

"It (Our relationship) fels just like Nick Cheung and the transsexual actress Poy in their film, Drug Wars," he explained.

"Our relationship only comes to life in the series. Outside of the series, we are good brothers actually."

Edwin also praised Priscilla's diligence in acting, after she took on practically all of the action scenes herself.

Meanwhile, Sharon disclosed that it was her 35th birthday that day, and that she celebrated the occassion with her friends and boyfriend.

Asked whether her boyfriend took the opportunity to propose to her on her birthday, she replied: "We don't talk about this topic.

"When I do get married, I will definitely let you all know."

She added that she received a ring as a birthday gift from her boyfriend, which led to questions as to whether she was pining for a proposal diamond ring, to which she said: "I really don't want one.

"I'll be happy with whatever he gives me for the proposal. I'm easily pleased."

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