This pretty Taiwanese singer has an unusual secret

18 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Hearing the lead singer of Taiwanese band Green!Eyes perform live may well make you do a double-take.

If you guessed that the band's lead singer, Lao Wan, is in fact a man rather than a pretty girl, you'd be dead on.

Alternately sporting long flowing locks and a short bob, his uniquely androgynous looks have brought his band much interest on the internet.

But his voice is distinctly masculine, a fact that is immediately at odds with his delicate looks.

According to a report on, some netizens have even remarked that he is prettier than most girls.

Despite the fact that the band hails from Taiwan, Lao Wan mostly performs in English.

Photos 1 to 4 show Lao Wan while the rest show other amazing transformations thanks to makeup.

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