Pretty student makes it to big cheerleading team -- but makes headlines for what she does off the field

4 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

Source: AsianTown

Kelly Bennion is in her second year showing off her high kicks, dance moves and gorgeous smile on the sidelines for New England.

The Harvard educated 26-year-old is also nearly four years into a doctorate in neuroscience at Boston College.

The Arizona native is part of a group called Science Cheerleaders, a 250-strong group of current and former cheerleaders who've set out to prove the stereotypes wrong.

'It works to combat the negative stereotype that they’re only pretty faces. It shows that cheerleaders are very hard-working and are pursuing advanced educations in engineering, math, biology and other great things,' she said.

Bennion has bachelor's degrees in psychology and Spanish and a Harvard master's degree in education. 

Find out more about the amazing cheerleader here.

Take a look at more images of Kelly Bennion as well as other cheerleaders in the gallery below. 

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