Pregnant Ella Koon makes surprising comments about Kathy Chow and herself

10 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

Last month, Ella Koon announced her pregnancy.

Three days ago on Instagram, she uploaded photos and used Scrabble to write out the words "It's a boy" with her pet dog so as to announce the good news. 

She left a comment: 

"I am carrying a baby boy!"

According to Asian E-News Portal, earlier Ella wore 2-inch low heel shoes to attend an event together with mother-to-be, Kathy Chow, Janet Ma and the others.

After the event, Ella shared photo of herself and Kathy Chow on Instagram and wrote:

"Kathy is really amazing! She is 7 months pregnant and able to maintain her body figure! But I continue to be a happy pig."

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