Power Station member gets 'run down by car' while filming

5 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

One has his wife keeping tabs on him when he is overseas. The other has to deal with rumours about his sexual orientation.For Taiwanese pop duo Power Station, marriage and singlehood each has its own set of problems.Speaking to The New Paper over the phone from Taipei last Wednesday to promote their concert, Yan Chih-lin, 45, and You Chiu-hsing, 44, were candidly self-deprecating when speaking about their respective love lives, or the lack thereof.The childhood friends started as pub singers in 1992. They shot to fame in 1997 with their debut Mandarin album, Unfeeling Love Letter, and became one of the leading Mandopop groups in the late 1990s.They last performed here last July, at the 30th Drama Anniversary ‘“ Our Theme Song Concert.Despite being on the road at least once a week, You, who is married with two daughters, has his wife’s support.“She asks me to go for as many shows as I can,‘ he said in Mandarin, adding that he keeps in touch with his family through phone calls.He insisted that he would never stray despite being away from home very often.“My wife has informants all over the place. I think she asks my colleagues to keep an eye on me, so I can’t do anything bad,‘ he joked.Yan finds the travelling physically taxing, but also tiring is dealing with the rumours that he is gay. The claims have been circulating for a few years.“I’m not gay, but people will still say what they want,‘ he said in Mandarin, admitting that he feels envious when he goes out with You’s family, but he is content to remain single for now.“I don’t have the drive to settle down just yet and I don’t know when that thought will hit me.‘This year, work figures heavily on their minds.Besides a concert tour, they also just released their new album, Light, their first full-length album since 2009’s Moving On.Light includes the theme songs of two local dramas, Cherish from last year’s Joys of Life and Honourable Role from this year’s C.L.I.F. 2.Cherish is nominated for Best Theme Song at this year’s Star Awards at the end of the month.Yan thinks they have a good chance at winning and said: “I have confidence in our song and the support Singaporeans have given us over the years.‘Also in the album is Keeping Company, the theme song from their debut movie, Piano Trojan, a Chinese action movie in which they play cold-blooded killers.Said Yan: “It was fun and exciting, yet slightly dangerous as there were many action scenes.‘In one scene, You had to be chased and then knocked down by a car.“A stunt double was arranged, but I decided to do the scene myself as I felt it would be more realistic. I was nervous, but I completed the scene safely.‘

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