Popular Kpop girl group rumoured to be disbanding soon due to jealousy issues

20 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

According to a Newsen report that is gaining a lot of momentum online, a girl group might be on the verge of disbanding due to singling one of the members out.

Apparently, a popular girl group that has been enveloped in rumors of trouble amongst the members constantly since their debut actually has a clear outcast in the group.

This member, called A, has always been in the center of the group due to her slim body and good looks, resulting in the other members being immensely jealous of her.  

According to allkpop, as the other members became more stressed out about A, one of the members, B, who was noted to have neither that great of an appearance nor singing skills, decided to take the lead in ostracizing A.  

However, despite becoming a pariah, A also started to distinguish herself in acting, making the other members even more dissatisfied.

Allegedly, the members who were leaving A out went to the company CEO and strongly protested, asking him to stop pushing A forward.

When A found out about this, she arranged a place for the girls to meet for negotiation where she said, "Would you guys be satisfied if I left?" revealing she had even seriously considered retiring from the group.

However, despite the arrangement to talk things out, the differences between the members and A could not be settled.

Ultimately, the members are each doing their own promotions at the moment, but entertainment reps are predicting there isn't much time left before the group breaks up.

Do you think this rumour holds any water? If so, which group and girls do you think this is talking about? Supposedly, the girl group names popping up most amongst netizens are SECRET and miss A. 

The gallery below shows Miss A and its most promiment member Suzy.

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