Popular Instagram Millionaire playboy does something you probably wouldn't expect

23 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

With a lavish playboy lifestyle and expensive gun collection that made him Instagram's most famous, Dan Bilzerian shows that he also has a charitable heart -- by donating a huge truck, stuffed to the brim with toys to the "Spark of Love" Toy Drive for disadvantaged children.

The toys collected from the toy drive are then distributed to the needy children during the holidays, so that they will receive a gift to warm their hearts.

The multimillionaire high-stakes poker player Dan Bilzerian has been named the "Most Interesting Person" on photo-sharing platform, Instagram with photos featuring his lavish playboy lifestyle and expensive gun collection.

Other than moonlighting as an occasional actor and tweeting about winning US$10.8 million (S$13.8 million) at a poker game, Bilzerian's photos reveal that his days are mostly filled with frolicking with beautiful and scantily-clad women and lounging around on luxurious yachts.

However, this heart-warming act at sharing his wealth with the less fortunate would certainly melt your hearts.

When asked if he went shopping for all these, Dan simply nodded.

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