Poor Kevin Cheng: Things didn't work out with his new love either

12 February 2015 / 1 year 8 months ago

In January, Kevin was photographed to be kissing a long-haired woman in a nightclub. When Kevin admitted that he was looking for love and did not want to feel lonely, the public was quick to deduce that the mysterious lady was his new girlfriend.

However, on the filming set of TVB series, Vampire (殭), Kevin revealed that the relationship has already fizzled out.

Kevin was quoted on Jayne Stars: “Stop scaring [the women] away! [The media] should stop worrying about it! She works outside of the entertainment industry, so it’s hard for her to endure the pressures from within the industry.

"We already didn’t have any privacy! I am very respectful of her wishes. Maybe she needs to find someone outside of the industry!”

When asked whether he feels any regret, Kevin replied, “I don’t calculate it like that. I can only blame bad timing.”

He also said that his relationships always 'die' upon seeing sunlight.

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