Poor Jam Hsiao: Splashed with faeces, threatening parcel and now another creepy package

1 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Following a series of threatening attacks, Jam Hsiao received his third threat yesterday.

Last year, Jam was almost attacked with faeces and urine by two men after leaving his home. He had also received threatening phone calls prior to the incident.

On 21 February 2014, a horrific package containing mealworms and joss paper were sent to his recording label, Warner Music. Despite making a police report, Jam received another creepy parcel again.

On Wednesday, KKBOX, a popular music website in Taiwan, received an envelope that read, “I can sponsor NT$10 million to your company. We can discuss a collaboration and I can join as a shareholder, but please remember to hand this letter to Jam Hsiao himself.”

From a damaged flap of the envelope, joss paper was suspected to be inside the contents. KKBOX passed the parcel to Warner Music, which then handed over to the police.

According to a report on Asian Pop News, this was the third threat which Jam has received within 4 months.

Feeling helpless and mentally drained with a series of threats, Jam said, “We have made a police report. Hope that the police can catch the culprit soon.”

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