Police wants to do autopsy on dead Korean singer's body -- but family says no

17 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Local police said yesterday they will seek to have an autopsy conducted on singer Kim Ji-hoon, who was found dead last Thursday (Dec 12), although Kim’s family and relatives are reportedly opposed to the idea.

An official at Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said the police have not changed their minds about conducting the autopsy and will file a request with local prosecutors.

“There has been no evidence found that it could be a homicide,” the official said. “However, we need to have the clear cause of death from some scientific evidence, because we only have circumstantial evidence that shows it might have been a suicide.”

The police questioned Kim’s brother on Thursday. The brother reportedly said that the singer was suffering from depression, and had been taking sleeping pills and other medication for depression.

The family is worried about Kim’s body being ruined and asked that no autopsy be performed.

Kim, a former member of Two Two, was found dead in a hotel room in Gangnam, southern Seoul, last Thursday (Dec 12).

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