Police called to Amy's residence after she was alleged to be suicidal

21 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Amy was the subject of a police intervention after she was reported to be suicidal.

The star, who found herself in the spotlight after she was charged with using the propofol drug illegally, a powerful anesthetic that can kill in case of an overdose, revealed that she was in a relationship with the prosecutor of the case after they became close through the case.

While she may have painted a rosy picture in that revealation, a friend of hers claimed otherwise, reporting to the police that she had received a message from her, which read: "I want to die".

Seeing how she may have been at high risk of self-harm due to her being in the spotlight over her court case, police officers were dispatched to Amy's home in the Hannam-dong district to check on her.

However, they realised that she was perfectly fine when they got there.

Could this have been a prank by Amy's friend, or did Amy really suffer another setback in her life that caused her to feel suicidal?

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