Police called in after Jessica Hsuan gets into parking dispute with tenant

24 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Asian Popnews,
February 24, 2014

Hong Kong actress, Jessica Hsuan is accused by her neighbours that she often parks her car sideways and blocks other vehicles from moving out.

Her neighbours also accused Jessica of being mentally unstable and provided photos to the media, showing that Jessica’s car was blocking others’ vehicle, reports The Sun.

When asked to verify on her neighbours’ claims, Jessia had her own side of story, saying that it was her neighbours who were inconsiderate and sparked the incident first.

“It happened two days ago. My car was blocked by their car first. When I asked the owner to drive the car away, the wife told me that her husband had taken away the car keys. She had to wait for her husband to return. In the end, I waited for an hour!”

Jessica thought that what her neighbours did was inconsiderate and selfish. To let her neighbours have a taste of their ”selfishness”, she deliberately parked her car sideways to block their car. The conflict eventually intensified.

She said, “The couple started to get angry and swear at me. His wife used her phone to take video of me. The husband pushed his head in front of me, and seemed like he wanted to attack me.”

As Jessica felt that her personal safety was threatened, she immediately called the police. When the police arrived, the police officer advised both parties to settle amiably, as the incident happened within a private property

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