Polaris Entertainment's CEO once asked me to follow him to the restroom, says Clara in court

26 May 2015 / 1 year 5 months ago

On May 13, a hearing for the Clara Lee vs. Lee Kyu Tae's case has taken place at the Seoul District Court.

At the said trial, Clara was questioned by the prosecutors' panel with regards to her allegations that Polaris Entertainment's CEO Lee Kyu Tae had sexually harassed her when she was still working under him.

The side of the CEO had previously denied all her claims and stated that Clara blackmailed them so she can be released from the agency. During the hearing, Clara once again disagreed with all the accusations hurled against her by the CEO.

She also fought back by reiterating that Chairman Lee Kyu Tae "saw and treated her as a woman." She said these words in answer to the prosecutions' inquiry.

In December of last year, the actress sued Polaris Entertainment and its CEO and made a complaint that she was sexually harassed. On the other hand, in their counter-charge, the agency filed a case, stating that Clara breached her contract with them.

In a separate case, the agency also sued Clara and his father for blackmail and slander. This case was filed in October, reports KpopStarz Singapore.

Furthermore as said by insiders, Clara told the court that Lee Kyu Tae has given her excessive attention, to the point that it made her feel uncomfortable.

This, according to her, was what prompted her to decide on terminating her contract with Polaris Entertainment. Clara was also said to have mentioned Lee Kyu Tae showering her with expensive gifts like a luxury bag (Hermes) and top hotel accommodations.

And once, after a meeting at a hotel, she said that the CEO asked her to follow him to the restroom. In defense, Polaris asserted that it was not only Clara who received an expensive bag, but the other artists in the company also received them.

Lastly, they said that Clara is lying in order to evade having to pay a large amount of money for pre-mature contract termination.

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