Playboy Johnson Lee pursued Myolie Wu for 3 months and insisted on tagging along to holiday?

7 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Earlier, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) had released photos with 'male lead' Johnson Lee (李思捷) in Korea and tricked everyone.

Upon returning to Hong Kong airport with Johnson and Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Johnson and Myolie accepted an interview in response to the above incident, reports Asian Enews Portal.

Myolie said, "Anyway, everyone is tricked now." Johnson then helped Myolie to reply, "Actually, we have been good friends for many years and plan to go for holidays together. This is to relax ourselves and do you have any idea that Myolie is very serious in everything?"

When asked if he was afraid that the game is out of control, Johnson responded, "Most importantly, Myolie is happy and hopes her fans will continue to support her."

Myolie then said, "Johnson is right. I am too serious," to which Johnson said, "I always tell Myolie not to be too serious and it is important to stay happy."

Asked if she was worried about upsetting her fans, Myolie said, "My fans are all right about this and thank you for everyone's support," while Johnson said, "There is always one out of one hundred."

When asked if she did the prank  to become the focus in the media and retaliate against her ex-boyfriend Bosco Wong's interesting relationship news, Myolie said, "Definitely not! In fact, I feel irritated."

Johnson defended Myolie and said, "You cannot say in this way and must respect each other. Please do not say it again."

However, according to Jayne Stars, recent reports surfaced claiming that Johnson had indeed attempted to pursue Myolie for the past three months and even convinced their mutual friend Paisley Wu (胡蓓蔚) to help him out.

Last month, Myolie boldly admitted that she had a pursuer, and even revealed that she received flowers on Valentine’s Day. The rumors claimed that the flowers were actually from Johnson.

Reportedly, Myolie’s trip to South Korea was only with her close girlfriends, but Johnson insisted to tag along.

Despite Johnson’s passionate pursuit for her affections, Myolie ultimately turned him down.

These rumors were quickly debunked by Myolie, who stated in a phone interview, “It is completely made up by the media. Johnson and I are just brothers.

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