Plastic surgery? Actress Shin Se Kyung‘˜s face looked different recently

11 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: Kpop FeverActress Shin Se Kyung‘˜s recent appearance on a television program has got netizens wondering.Recently on an online community board, a screen capture of Shin Se Kyung from a recent interview on KBS ‘˜Entertainment Report’ had been posted. What’s most likely due to a different style of makeup, Shin Se Kyung’s double eyelid looks somewhat thicker than usual. The cheeks look slightly chubbier and her chin looks sharper than before.Shin Se Kyung looks just as beautiful as she did only a few months ago, but her slightly differently look has got the netizens asking on the post, “Doesn’t she look like she got a plastic surgery?‘ Some have said that she still looks beautiful, but that she no longer possesses the innocent and mysterious beauty that she once was famous for.Netizens commented on Shin Se Kyung’s screen captures, “The double eyelid definitely looks thicker‘, “It’s different makeup and nothing else‘, “I do see the change.. I just don’t know exactly what‘, “I was shocked after seeing her. Where is the Shin Se Kyung I fell for?‘, “She lost more weight, it’s due to the diet‘, “I don’t know what people re talking about, she looks the same‘, and so on.Images 1 to 11 show Shin Se Kyung, while the rest of the gallery shows other celebs who have had, or are rumoured to have had, plastic surgery.

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