Plane passenger takes unflattering photos of YoonA with hidden camera

7 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

YoonA appeared on a recent episode of KBS's 'Happy Together 3' and talked about some unflattering paparazzi photos taken of her on a plane.

According to an allkpop article, she said, "Humiliating paparazzi photos were printed in a Hong Kong magazine... The picture was taken just as I was putting rice wrapped in seaweed into my mouth."

She continued, "I boarded a plane to Hong Kong and I think the man next to me took the pictures with a hidden camera.  A picture of me sleeping with my mouth open was printed largely on the magazine . . . It is a picture I want to erase forever," making everyone laugh.

Netizens supportively commented, "How cute," "Could that be called humiliating?  How can you be so pretty?" "There is no such thing as humiliating for her," and more.ook

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