Pizza for all 150 crew members -- prepared by Hello Venus' Yooyoung

11 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Hello Venus' Yooyoung showed her heart of gold by preparing delicious pizza for 150 members of the cast and staff of the SBS drama, 'Wonderful Mama'.According to an article in Allkpop, Yooyoung thanked the crew for their hard work by bringing in a pizza delivery truck to the set on the 8th and greeted everyone personally as they enjoyed the pizza party.Yooyoung shared, "I am really joyful to serve pizza to the staff and acting sunbaenims who always help me out. I am thankful that they ate it well during their short break time and I want to return the favor with better acting."The staff commented, "We enjoyed a sweet break while we ate the pizza that Yooyoung prepared during her bus schedule. We ask for your love and support for 'Wonderful Mama' starring Yooyoung, which is now more than half-way done."

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