This picture nearly cost Niki Chow over $16k

24 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Niki Chow and Chinese actor Jeremy Xu have been dating for some six months now, but they have decided to go public for a very unusual reason.

These pictures of the happy couple were uploaded by none other than Niki's own manager Marianne Wang on Weibo, because a photographer had taken pictures of the two toogether in Shanghai, and wanted money for them.

In order that the man no longer be able to extort cash from Niki, the pictures were put online, as her relationip was deemed to be 'above board' anyway.

The pictures were taken during a birthday celebration. The reporter had managed to sneak into the restaurant and snapped the pictures after which Marianne offered to pay RMB 2,000 (about $420) so that he would not publish the pics.

The man however wanted RMB 80,000 (about $16,600) instead.

The man then pulled out an iPad to show off all the celebrities he had extorted money from. He claimed that all the people had decided to pay up so he would not publish them.

When he was refused however, he reduced the amount from RMB 80,000 to RMB 20,000 (about $4,200) .

Niki's manager still said no, and decided that coming 'clean' was a better option than letting the man have any money for his act.

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