Peter Ho forced to strip in front of camera after losing bet with fans

25 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Peter Ho has uploaded a naked photo of himself on his Weibo account after losing a bet with fans over the ratings of his drama Shining Days.

Ho was forced to carry out the forfeit after the ratings for the drama did better than he had expected. Within moments of the ratings being released, fans got in touch with Peter quickly to ensure he made good on his promise, reported Jaynestars.

Uphold his end of the deal he did as Peter uploaded a naked photo of himself from behind that was taken in the shower.

The posted photograph, taken from behind, showed Peter simultaneously showering and brushing his teeth. The accompanying message read, “Thank you everyone for your support of Shining Days! The ratings broke four, so Mr. Durian is here to honor his promise! Every day, let us get up, brush our teeth, and take a bath in order to welcome the shining day!”

The message went on to show Peter poking fun at the other cast members and encouraging viewers to continue watching. “Director, Yuyang, Pingtao, Uncle, (probably not Grandpa…) next time it’s your turn!” he wrote. “Don’t forget to watch soon and continue pushing up the ratings!”

Peter’s revealing Weibo post has since been forwarded more than 44,000 times. Some netizens cheekily responded, “If the ratings break five, will we get a frontal view?” Others were more interested in the identity of the lucky photographer.

In Shining Days, Peter plays Zhang Hefan, a rich young man longing for his father’s approval, who finds himself caught between two feuding sisters. One sister is Yu Fei (Li Xin 李沁), who grew up in a single-parent home with an indifferent mother but still retains her optimistic and kind-hearted nature. The other sister is Ye Lin (Kan Qingzi闞清子), a rich young lady who possesses a bit of a princess complex.

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