Peter Chan laughs at actors who ruin their careers with plastic surgery

14 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Two years ago, Peter Chan served as the executive producer for The Truth About Beauty, a romantic comedy about plastic surgery.

Leading up to its release, the film had sparked much debate about plastic surgery in the Chinese entertainment industry, an issue that many celebrities remain hesitant to address.

According to a QQ report on, Chan directly stated that The Truth About Beauty is not meant to instruct viewers on what is right and wrong, and thus the film neither criticizes nor encourages plastic surgery.

Despite his neutral attitude toward plastic surgery, Chan freely admitted that most of the plastic surgery results he has seen are subpar.

Moreover, he shared that he and his partner, Sandra Ng, frequently laugh at people who have made unfortunate changes to their looks by going under the knife: “We will often look at people in the newspaper and comment on how awful they look after plastic surgery.

They won’t be able to act anymore, because the skin on their face is stretched taut.”

Check out the gallery of stars rumoured to have had plastic surgery below.

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