Perils of marrying rich men: Women who become centre of gossip when things turn sour

30 June 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

In the recent years, Chinese media has been splashed with high-profile splits between China's most successful businessmen and their wives.Divorce, however, is no joke for these tycoons and their fortunes, reported AsiaOne.In just a court settlement, they could gain their freedom to re-marry but lose up to half their wealth or more. For their ex-wives, they are turned into a member of China's super rich overnight.With the magnitude of their wealth, it is not surprising to know their divorces could even fluctuate the shares of the companies they own on the Chinese stock market.Take a look at the high-profile divorces among China's richest businessmen:Pictures #1 to #9: Wang Wei, founder of popular video sharing website Tudou and his ex-wife Yang LeiPictures #10 to #13: China's electronics TCL Group president Li Dongsheng and his new wife, Wei Xue, after divorcing ex-wife Hong YanfenPictures #14 to #20: Fast food chain J-Kung Fu president Cai Dabiao and his ex-wife Pan MinfengPictures #21 to #30: China's 'Warren Buffet' Zhao Bingxian and his new wife, Taiwanese actress Jessey Meng, who was accused by Zhao's ex-wife of being the third party in their marriagePictures #31 to #37: Chinese steel tycoon Du Shuanghua and his wife, Song Yahong, who want to call off their marriage but are, both stuck in a pickle due to them having filed for divorce once before 11 years agoPictures #38 to #44: Publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch calling it quits with his third wife, Wendi DengSource: AsiaOne Plush

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