'People are friendly and I like the way S'poreans speak': Charlie Young

5 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Charlie Young and Valen Hsu spoke to local media at the ComChest Care & Share Charity Show 2014.

According to AsiaOne, Young said: "I've been living in Singapore since I got married and only fly out of the country from time-to-time to visit my parents or for work."

"The people here are very friendly. I like how Singaporeans speak many languages and can switch from English to Mandarin easily, and vice versa. It's really a great country to live in, I love it here."

Though Young has been married for over six months now, she said that there was no pressure from her in-laws for her to get pregnant.

Young is not the only celebrity who is basking in wedded bliss. So is her good friend, Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu.

Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu, secretly registered her marriage with her Korean boyfriend, Mr Choi Jae Sung, last November. Hsu is living in Seoul with her husband, a senior manager at top talent agency SM Entertainment.

The 39-year-old said: "I am studying Korean diligently now so that I can communicate better with my husband. He is also doing his part and learning Mandarin."

Even though speculation is rife that Hsu got married hastily because of an unplanned pregnancy, she denied it.

Hsu told local media: "If I have any good news, I will update you."

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