Paul Walker's death won't stop Fast & Furious 7 production, says director James Wan

9 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

Actor Paul Walker's untimely death may have cast doubt on the future of the Fast & Furious series, but director James Wan - who is helming the 7th instalment - believes that the show will go on, reported The Straits Times.

The TMZ website posted a video Wan at an airport doing an inpromptu interview. When asked: "Do you think production will go on at all?", he answers: "Yes."

Asked again: "Yeah you do? Ultimately, at the end?", Wan gives the same reply: "Yes."

Meanwhile, CNN reported on Friday, Dec 6, 2013, that Universal Studios is busy studying the footage already shot to see exactly what has been filmed of Walker and how those scenes can be saved and used. CNN added that scriptwriters are exploring ways to exit Walker's character from the film.

The comments sections of both sites have been filled with discussion on what to do with Walker's Brian O'Connor. While some believe it would be too harsh to kill off the character, others believe that his on-screen death should somehow reflect reality and the manner in which Walker died in a car crash.

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