Paul Walker bought $11k ring for couple he didn't even know

5 December 2013 / 2 years 10 months ago

The clerk of a jewellery store has recently come forward about an incredibly generous act by Paul Walker -- secretly paying S$11K (about USD $9k) for an engagement ring that a couple could not afford.

According to, the couple, Kristen and Kyle Upham, were shopping for a ring at the store in 2004 when they met Walker.

They struck up a brief, friendly conversation and they continued shopping.

The couple liked an engagement ring that was too expensive, and left soon after. However, they got a pleasant surprise when they got a call from the jewellery store to go back, saying that their ring was an anonymous gift.

Paul Walker had overheard that they could not afford the ring, and told the store to put it on his tab -- but to keep it a secret.

Nine years later, in the recent event of his death, the store's clerk wanted to the world to know Walker's kind-hearted act.

The couple was incredibly touched -- they had suspected it was Walker all along, but weren't sure -- and mourned the death of a truly generous man. 

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