Park So Hyun's face is even smaller than SNSD and Wonder Girls members

19 February 2013 / 3 years 8 months ago

Entertainer Park So Hyun was proven to have the smallest head, even among girl group members. One online community forum posted several pictures under ‘˜Park So Hyun’s face smaller than Wonder Girls and Girls Generation (SNSD).’In the picture, Park So Hyun is posing with many girl celebrities and idols, such as Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, Goo Hye Sun, and Park Bo Young. But her head seems to be the smallest of all of them, reports Oh Kpop.Internet users who saw this commented, “SNSD members’ heads are already small, how small is hers?,‘ “Her face is smaller than a CD?,‘ etc.Photo Credit: Online CommunityImages 1 to 5 show Park So Hyun posing with various girl group members, while the rest of the gallery shows the Wonder Girls and SNSD.

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