Park Si Hoo's accuser suddenly drops rape charges

10 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago
The accuser in the Park Si Hoo case has suddenly dropped her charges, leaving the public confused and curious.

According to prosecution, the accuser turned in an application to cancel her case on May 9.

As rape cases are treated according to the wishes of the accuser, prosecution has been led to stop pursuing the indictment of Park Si Hoo, reports OhKpop.

As such, Park Si Hoo has also dropped the case he filed himself against his accuser.

Some have speculated that Park Si Hoo and the accuser have reached an agreement, but sources close to Park Si Hoo have denied the claims.

A source told enews on May 10 to a question on whether an agreement had been reached, “No.

They did not reach any agreement.

‘Sources have also said that no monetary agreement was involved in the dropping of the case.

The public, however, has been left feeling confused at the sudden turn of events, especially as the accuser had been very cooperative in the investigation.

Police had also been leaning toward prosecuting Park Si Hoo, as they transferred the case to prosecution on the charges.

Park Si Hoo was first sued for alleged rape.

On May 2, the Seobu Police Agency forwarded the case to prosecution.
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