Park Si Hoo remains tight-lipped even after dropping of rape charges

15 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago
Even though Park Si Hoo had stated multiple times before that he’d ‘˜reveal the truth’ during the investigation, it seems like he won’t be doing that anytime soon.

Throughout his sexual assault case, Park Si Hoo had often commented that he had been wrongly accused and stated multiple times, “I will reveal the truth.

‘ His acquaintances also previously said, “He’s been wrongly accused about many things.

If there is something he did do wrong, he’d take responsibility, but on things he has been wrongly accused of, he feels the situation is unjust.

Once the investigation is over, he’s planning to hold an official event to reveal everything.

‘However, allkpop reported that things have now changed, as his law firm Purme said, “We can’t release any statements about this case.

The representative lawyers are all refraining from commenting about Park Si Hoo.

Park Si Hoo will also not be having a press conference nor making any official statements.

‘The public will never hear about ‘˜A‘˜s reason for dropping her charges either as her lawyers have also revealed that they will not be offering any comments, remaining firm on the silence with comments like, “It’s true that she has dropped her charges, but we cannot reveal the reason.

‘With both pledging silence and dropping their lawsuits against each, other, many speculate that there were settlements and negotiations that took place between the two sides.

However, it seems the public will never find out, and are now left with the questions: Why did A drop her lawsuit?, Why did Park Si Hoo drop his lawsuit?, What took place between the two?, And of course, most importantly, what’s the truth?
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