Park Si Hoo and legal team sued for revealing 'rape' victim's info

2 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago
Actor Park Si Hoo and his lawyers are facing another suit as a civil group has sued them for revealing the identity of trainee A.

According to a report on, the group, named ‘˜Upright Opportunity’, revealed that they had submitted their suit on April 30th against Park Si Hoo, his hoobae Mr.Kim, and three of his lawyers.

This group of citizens criticized Park Si Hoo and his legal team’s unveiling of the KakaoTalk message history between trainee ‘˜A‘˜ and Mr.Kim.

During the unveiling process, the legal team had made a mistake by forgetting to blur out the real name of ‘˜A’ and a phone number in one line of the conversation.

Although this matter was quickly corrected afterwards, some had already seen the mistake.

‘˜Upright Opportunity’ commented through a press release, "The fact that they revealed the victim’s identity and the phone number of her family is a criminal offense that shouldn’t end at simple backlash‘¦ This is a violation of article 22 (prohibits the leak of the victim’s identity, private life, etc.) under the section regarding punishment of sexual assault.

'Upright Opportunity’ also added, “It is also difficult to forgive the actor and his lawyers, as public figures, for causing the public to have doubts about the police through media play by making the police, look as if they’re conducting biased investigations without objective evidence.‘
With this statement, it seems the civil group is taking a stab at the comments offered by the actor’s legal team, which had criticized the police of acting as if they’re the lawyers of ‘˜A’ and not having common sense.
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